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Aqua Grow Liquid Carbon 200ml

৳ 650.00

Aqua grow liquid carbon primarily fullfil the demand of co2 in planted tank.

  • Shrimp Safe
  • For all Plants
  • Fish friendly 
AquaGrow is a local brand in business since 2014 and giving outstanding performance.

CO2 Drop Checker

৳ 800.00
INSTRUCTIONS – Step 1: Hold the monitor port straight up. Step 2: Drop the monitoring solution, the dose is enough

“0” Size Black Sand Gravel for Aquarium

৳ 80.00৳ 250.00
  • Suitable For Freshwater Tropical, Brackish Water , Cichlid Tanks, Monster tank and This Provide a Very Healthy Environment For Plant & Fishes.
  • Also, Work as a Good Biological Filter Because Most of The Healthy Bacteria Grow Between Them.
  • Empty the sand in a bucket and wash till all the dirt is out. Then put in aquarium
  • Important Part of Aquarium Because They Keep Water Fresh & Healthy Long and Long Time By Absorbing All The Waste.

10 inch Tweezer

৳ 260.00
10 Inch Tweezer for aquascaping planted aquarium and arranging Marine Aquarium. Best grade SS for longevity.

12 inch Tweezer

৳ 350.00
8 Inch Tweezer for aquascaping planted aquarium and arranging Marine Aquarium. Best grade SS for longevity.

4 Piece Co2 Diffuser Set

৳ 550.00
4 Piece Co2 Diffuser Set Specification : Condition : 100% Brand new Model : 688120 Material : rubber & glass Color : transparent Diffuser length : 62.8mm/2.47in U shape glass tube length : 65.4mm/2.57in Diameter of U shape glass and diffuser glass : 2mm/0.07in Quantity : 1 set Fitment : suitable for Aquarium, Fish Tank

5 Piece Aquarium Toolset with leather kit

৳ 2,400.00
5 Piece Aquarium Toolset with leather kit
  • Not Rust: Made of decent quality stainless steel, will not rust and no need to wiping dry before storage, durable and sturdy,saving your energy.
  • Plenty Long Tool: Each tool is enough long for you to reach down into tanks.scissors cut with ease and tweezers grasp very well.
  • Unique Design: Curved tools come in handy to move and trim plants without disturbing nearby decor. Little smoothing rake is helpful shaping the substrate in your tank and unlike a lot of sets which leave out the third tool.
  • Package Includes: 1 x 10.6" Straight Tweezers,1 x 10.6" Curved Tweezers, 1 x 10" Straight Scissors, 1 x 10" Curved Scissors, 1 x 12.6" Spatula, 1x Case.
  • Buy with Confidence: Unconditional replacement or full refund for defective product.

8 inch Tweezer

৳ 200.00
8 Inch Tweezer for aquascaping planted aquarium and arranging Marine Aquarium. Best grade SS for longevity.

Activated Carbon (Crushed)

৳ 400.00
Activated Carbon adsorbs a number of dissolved contaminants such as chloramine and chlorine, tannins (which color the water), and phenols (which cause odors). It will help keep aquarium water from turning yellow over time.

ADA Amazonia Soil(Chinese)

৳ 550.00৳ 4,800.00
Aqua Soil - Amazonia is an idea substrate material for Nature Aquarium. With this product, you can easily re-create a natural environment where aquatic plants grow rapidly and fish and invertebrates live a healthy life. It contains plenty of organic acids and nutrients which encourage plants root growth, and provides a perfect substrate system for aquatic plants

Aqua Amazonia Soil

৳ 500.00৳ 3,600.00
Features: Amazonia Soil 1. With high stability, not easy to decompose and will not make the water muddy. 2. Contains rich organic acid and nutritional ingredient that can promote the growth of aquarium plants. 3. Can make most aquarium plants adapting to weak acid water quality grows well. 4. Simple to use, no need to clean. 5. Suitable for the root growth of most types of grass.

Aqua Grow Plant Nutrition Fertilizer ( Micro & Iron-200ml)

৳ 650.00
Balanced aquatic plant nutrition Aqua Grow micro  contains all micro nutrients for healthy Green and Red aquarium plant growth. Aqua Grow micro is ideally absorbed by plant via leaves and roots, providing long lasting effect and promote vibrant plant color within the aquarium. Aqua Grow micro dissolves instantly and does not effect water clarity and safe to be used on plants and fish.